Engaged & Clueless

We’re getting married. On the whole, not an unusual affair but one that is for us and remains indisputably worthy of some formality, heartfelt sentiments, and many, many moments of indecision that all seem to be related to answering the question of what defines us? Which flavor of cake best showcases our taste? Are we trying to showcase an “us” or rather separating things into the categories of you pick this and I’ll pick that; all done in the hope of displaying an equality of sorts so to appear as solid and stable of a couple as possible. But here’s the thing – we don’t have the slightest clue what we’re doing, what to expect, or what we want this day that feels more mythical than real to be. So we’re writing about it. Separately. There’s the groom’s views and the bride’s views. Both will pop-up here of course, and maybe along the way to this fantastical day that, seeing how its in the summer of 2013 may not happen at all if those pesky Mayans got their calendar right, we’ll figure out what’s important to us, what’s not and what really is the point of it all. Some posts will elaborate on favors and flowers while others will fall into exploring love and marriage and the importance and meaning of forever. We’ll be here until the big day comes and then some. No doubt posting some after-the-big-day pics and thoughts. Who knows what this crazy ride will bring us but if you’re reading this and you’re a bride or groom or just a bride or groom-in-training, know that when we get good wedding tips we’ll be sharing them aplenty.

Take care and stay calm,

Bride & Groom